Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Said to Have a Titanium Body: Reports

Today, titanium-body smartphones are in the trend. Apple announced the first phone with a Titanium body and then it became a trend because after that Samsung introduced its first-ever titanium body smartphone which is the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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The latest rumor states the next Galaxy Z Fold 6 might get huge titanium body upgrades. According to NotebookCheck reports, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will replace the aluminum body with a Titanium Frame while the current Z Fold 5 has an Aluminium body.

Why are They using TItanium Frame?

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Image
Galaxy Z Fold 6 Image

The flagship phone makers shifted the aluminum bodies to titanium one by one. The main reason behind this is Titanium is a stronger but lightweight material than Aluminium and steel frames. Previously Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, Then Galaxy S24 Ultra already introduced Titanium Body devices in the market.

However, Titanium is expensive so the phone with the titanium body also comes under an expensive budget category.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 With Titanium Rumored

It is not the first time when it comes to hot gossip. Before this, Tech Radar informed in a report in February 2024 that it had a titanium body. Also, Tech Reve tweeted about it and said that the next Galaxy Fold will come with the Titanium Upgrades.

According to the latest report, the announcement of the Galaxy Fold 6 along with the Galaxy Z Flip 6, Smartwatch and Galaxy Buds will show up in July 2024 in the event. The price will also slightly increased from the prevous Galaxy Fold 5 because both have different build material and next one is upgrades this time.

Surprising thing is, another report state that the Samsung will introduce a cheapest model of the next Foldable with sligthy low specs in 6 Series. The Galaxy Fold 6 FE may take a place in the even which is held in July 2024.

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