How to take Screenshots in Samsung M11 Mobile

Take Screenshots in Samsung M11: There are 4 best and most exciting methods to take screenshots in your Samsung M11 Mobile. The screenshot allows you to save the current view of your display. Moreover, recently android has launched scrolled screenshots which allows you to take longer area screenshots.

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Sometimes you read a blog and want to screenshot the whole blog in a single frame then this Scrolled Screenshot feature will help you to do it.

Take Screenshots in Samsung M11: 4 Easy Methods

Take Screenshots in Samsung M11

However, we are going to discuss all the methods to take screenshots in Samsung M11.

Method 1: Button Combination

This is an evergreen method where you need to press a button combination to take the screenshots in Samsung M11 Mobile—

  1. Go to the screen, which you want to save as a Screenshot.
  2. Now press the Volume Down + Power buttons together.
  3. Your Screenshot is saved in your gallery, To View It, Go to the gallery.

Method 2: Palm Swipe

This is a very exciting method to take screenshots on your Samsung M11 Phone. Via this you need to swipe your palm and your current screen will save as a screenshot in your gallery. But before this, you need to set it—

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Heads to the Advance Features
  3. Click On Motions and Gestures.
  4. Toggle the Palm Swipe options
  5. Now go back to the screen where you want to screenshot
  6. Swipe the edge of your palm from left to right on the screen
  7. Great, your screenshot is saved in your gallery.

Method 3: Voice Assistant

Samsung provides you with an inbuilt voice assistant Bixby for controlling your phone to your voice. Using this you can take screenshots without following physical methods.

  1. Before it, please set the Bixby and make sure, it is turned on
  2. Go to the screen where you want a screenshot
  3. Now ask “Hey Bixby, Take A Screenshot”
  4. And. Bixby will take screenshots and save them to your gallery.

Method 4: Scrool Screenshots/Long Screenshot

This is one of the exciting features launched by the company. It allows you to screenshot long displays, which means you can take screenshots of full blogs, in a single screenshot. To do this, you need to follow a few steps—

  1. Click the Volume Down and Power keys together
  2. Press on the screenshot notification which displayed on the side of your screen and hold it for a few seconds until your full view is screenshotted.
  3. Now your long content screenshot is saved into your gallery.

I hope, you enjoyed these methods and you learned something new way to taking screenshots on your Samsung M11 Phone.

Currently, This phone is out of the latest software update because it was launched so long time ago, but still behaves like the best phone. If it supports the latest One UI skin then you can enjoy the latest and exciting features in it, but still, its OneUI 4.1 has a lot of exciting features at that time.

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