Nothing Phone 2 Faces Auto Apps Crash Issues: Solution!

Nothing Phone 2 was launched the previous year in the high-end device category. Recently they got the latest Software Update with the Latest Nothing OS 2.5 UI skin which allows a lot of customization and flexibility to users.

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A user complains that they are facing an Auto App Crashing and heating problem in their Nothing Phone 2. Then I researched it on the Internet and saw there is a large number of Nothing Phone 2 users facing this problem. It might happen after the Software Update.

Nothing Phone 2: Auto App Crash

This is not a world-wide issue and only a certain number of users face this problem. Our team experts suggest it might happen due to malware-affected apps. Android allows users to download and install apps from unknown packages.

Due this these features, users can download an Application from unknown and non-trusted platforms that might be malware-affected.

These types of applications may create a cause in your phone. To fix these problems, you need to remove all that application and restart your phone.

Sometimes we need to install an application from an Unknown source and we can’t remove it. In this case, you can just clear the cache of the application and start using them.

Some users may face heating issues on their phones when using heavy applications or playing games for longer sessions. In this case, you can stop running heavy apps or give your phone a little rest.

Nothing Phone 2 Heating Issues
Nothing Phone 2 Heating Issues

This is not a sure solution but most of the time, it works. I also face these types of problems with my smartphones and I have fixed them using the same methods.

Also, One more thing you can do. You can just report this problem to Nothing Support of Nothing Community so that they can take further action on it and fix the problems.

Via, Nothing Community

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