iPhone 13 Massive Price Drop: Best time to buy an iPhone

If you are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 13 price drop then this is the best time to grab it because there is a massive price drop for a limited period. Apple has decreased the price of the previous model iPhone because they are launching a brand new iPhone 16 LInup into the market.

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iPhone 13 base model

For those unaware, iPhone performance is far better than Android Devices in terms of running heavy applications however there are a few new models on the market that provide good performance. Still, their price is considered too expensive while the iPhone 13 models come at an affordable price right now.

iPhone 13 Best Deals

India’s most popular e-commerce stores, Amazon and Flipkart, are announcing massive price drops on iPhone 13 models. The Original Price of the iPhone 13, 128GB Storage variant is Rs 59,999 but Amazon India gives it at the cost of Rs 51,999. Additionally you can get 10 to 15% extra discounts on Coupon Codes and Bank offer and final price may be conclude below Rs 50,000.

iPhone 13 features

Also, Flipkart is providing an excellent deal on it. The same model is priced at Rs 51,999 and you will get an extra 5% off if you apply for an Axis Bank credit card during purchase. The overall price will be below 50,000 on Flipkart. Check out the current prices on Flipkart And Amazon.

iPhone 13 Immersive Features

iPhone 13 internet band

If you are an Android User and shifting to an iPhone for the first time then you will feel bored but time by time you feel the performance of the iPhone. The iPhone 13 provides such great features and performances.

iPhone 13 camera
iPhone 13 camera

If you are a gamer then still the oldest and base model of iPhone 13 will provide you better performance. However, you feel a few battery drain issues because the iPhone 13 provides you only 3240 mAh power capacity.

One thing that makes an iPhone better than Android is its display optimization, however, its display manufacturer is Samsung which makes its smartphone but apart from that, Apple is providing greater optimization on display. Due to good optimization on display and Animation, a 60Hz iPhone display feels like and 120Hz Android phone’s display.

Is iPhone 13 Waterproof?

iPhone 13 comes with IP68 rating protection which means the phone will survive till 6 meters down in water. So you can enjoy a bath with your iPhone 13.

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