How to Enable Developer Options in Oppo Mobile: 6 Easy Steps

Developer Options is default hidden in all Android phones. If you also want to enable Developer Options in Oppo Mobile, you should know its advantages and disadvantages. This is a susceptible feature for every Android user, so the company defaults it.

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Developer Options are made for IT sector Operators. When you enable it, it allows many susceptible options in your phone that change the default settings that the company made. In this situation, your cellphone can get Malware, Viruses easily even your phone can transfer your data to another person without informing you.

As much as it is useful too, When you enable it you can use the full potential of the phone like OEM Unlocking, Running Services, USB Debugging, Feature Flags, Force Peak Refresh Rate, Mobile Data Always Active, Default USB Configuration, Disable Absolute Volume, Show Taps and Pointer Location and Much More. You can learn more about how it is so useful as good as it might be harmful too here.

Enable Developer Options in Oppo Mobile

Developer Options in Oppo Mobile, Oppo Developer Options
Developer Options in Oppo Mobile, Oppo Developer Options (Image: MakeUseOf)

To enable Developer Options in Oppo, you just need to follow these simple steps. Ahead of it, I would like to advise you to use the advanced settings, preferably with the assistance of a knowledgeable individual, such as a parent or expert. Now you can follow the steps to enable Developer Options in your Oppo Mobile—

  1. Go to your phone’s “Settings” Options
  2. Now scroll, find, and click on “About Phone” options.
  3. Here you can see an Option “Version“, click on that.
  4. There is an option “Build Number”, just tap 7 times continuously on it to enable it.
  5. Now the Developer Options is enabled in your phone, but, to access it, head back to the “Settings
  6. Now click on “Additional Settings“, and scroll down. Here you can see Developer Options, click, and start using it.

Disable Developer Options in Oppo

As you know this is a very sensitive feature so prefer that if your work is done, then you should turn off it. To disable or turn off Developer Options in Oppo mobile, go to Settings > Click on Additional Settings > Find the Developer Options > Now here you can see a Toggle Button, Just press/Toggle it. Finally, it will disable/Turn off.

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