How to enable Developer Options in OnePlus

Developer Options in Smartphones is an essential hidden feature developed for experiencing engineering-level segments. If you belong to the IT sector then this feature will be handy for you.

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It allows the full potential of your phone to affect default settings. You can change its many default features like Taking bug reports, System UI demo mode, Enable view attribute inspection, Bluetooth AVRCP version, Wireless display certification, printer locator, Force RTL layout direction, Hardware-accelerated rendering, and much more. You can learn more about the Android Developer Options from the source.

Enable Developer Options In OnePlus

Enable Developer Options In OnePlus
Enable Developer Options In OnePlus

To enable Developer Options in your OnePlus mobile, you just need to follow these simple steps then you can unlock the full potential of the phone by changing the default setting with caution. If you are new to this, then you should get help from a senior who knows well about this feature. To enable it, follow these steps—

  1. Heads to the Setting app from the menu
  2. Now find an option “About Phone” in the settings menu and press on it.
  3. Now Scroll Down, find the “Build Number” Option, and top 7 times on it without taking a rest. Now you can see an Alert below in the display “You are now a developer“, which means you have successfully enabled the Developer Option in your OnePlus phone.
  4. Now head back to the Settings menu and find the option “Additional Settings” where you can find the Developer Options.

Disable Developer Options in OnePlus

You should turn off the Developer Options on your phone because it allows many sensitive activities on your phone that may cause problems. So once your work is done, you should turn off it. To Turn off or disable the Developer Options, just follow these simple steps— Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options> Press on Toggle Button to Turn off.

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