G7 Summit 2024 brings more favor: Now India will connect Europe by Railway

Partnering the G7 Summit becomes a favor for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Worlds G7 Countries give exciting favor to India. According to reports, India will connect to Europe by Railway & Road, too.

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Due to these, the western area of the county can manage high potential in International Business in the upcoming few years after the completion of the project that passed by the world’s g7 countries at the G7 Summit.

Leader Delighted to listen to Indian PM Speech in G7 Summit 2024

Narendra Modi joined the G7 Summit on Friday and talked Regarding the Outreach Summit organized on Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Africa, and the Mediterranean. They also said In the spirit of shared responsibility, we warmly welcome the participation of the leaders of Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

India will connect Europe with High-Speed trains

India To Europe Train Proposal Passed in G7 Summit 2024 by G7 Countries
India To Europe Train Proposal Passed in G7 Summit 2024 by G7 Countries

Due to the IMEC Project, Saudi Arabia, America, India, and Europe speculated that the largest road and high-speed train service would increase the potential of international business for all. Other ways to connect this country are expensive, bringing increment in product productivity of products but after the completion of this project, it will be more comfortable.

Narendra Modi Urges Leaders to Craft Creative Technology, Not Destructive One

At the summit, Narendra Modi urges world leaders to introduce creative technology and Artificial technology not Destructive. In the latest AI technology world, few developers directly or indirectly made a destructive technology that can make the whole world on foot.

Visionary, Narendra Modi surfaced it at the G7 Summit 2024 in front of world leaders. Also indirectly they talked about Wars that have been happening for a few years that have destroyed our environment directly and indirectly.

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