Apple is reportedly dealing with Google’s Gemini AI for the next iPhone.

AI is spreading rapidly around us thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Gemini AI, which are hot trends. However, recently Samsung has introduced its AI-based features in their latest phone Galaxy S24 Ultra, also Apple announced they are working on an AI module that may come with the next iOS Update.

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Now the latest rumor states Apple is making a partnership with Google’s Gemini AI for the iPhone first. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg states in a report that the next iOS update based on an AI module will be Apple’s biggest software update.

Google Gemini AI
Google Gemini AI

It looks like Apple is trying to catch the competitor in the AI race because its biggest rival company Samsung has already introduced the Galaxy AI module in its latest smartphone and Apple is slightly away from that.

iOS 18 With Gemini AI

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is trying to get a certification to bring Gemini AI-based features for its Next iPhones or iOS Update. Via this, they can develop AI-based tools for iPhone users as soon as possible focusing on catching its rival in the AI race.

However, they also state they are holding a meeting with OpenAI about the deal. It means Apple will take a few more times to develop its Own AI module and integrate the market’s trend AI module Unless it develops their AI module.

As we have seen in so many reports, Apple is hiring a large number of employees for Generative AI developments, states Apple is developing an AI module but it is Apple’s compulsion to use a third-party AI model to catch the rivals in the race.

The iOS 18 Software Update may be announced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) which is held in June. This update will bring realistic AI-based Image Features that can generate accurate images via your prompts. It will be very useful when you edit your photo, remove unwanted objects, and add some exciting things instead of that. However, Samsung has already launched this feature but Apple is still in progress.


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