Apple Foldable Phone May Use “Made by Samsung” Display: Reports

Apple has been secretly working on Foldable Devices since Samsung’s Foldable Era but still, Samsung introduced many FOldable and Flip models in the market on the other side, Apple is still working on its R&D for Foldable Phone.

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Now the latest news appeared on the internet that Apple may use Samsung’s display for its first Foldable Phone. According to GizChina, Apple is trying to bring a foldable device that can be reshaped as a Mac or iPad when it unfolds.

Samsung is far away in the development of quality displays that’s the main reason why Apple still depends on Samsung’s display. Samsung is the first tech giant who display the concept of a Flexible Foldable OLED display(Source, Wikipedia).

Apple Foldable Phone May Available Near In Future

Apple Foldable Phone
Apple Foldable Phone (Representative Image, Source

According to the source, Apple took more time just only for develop its own Foldable Display but still in progress and time is going away, so they just thinking about launching its foldable phone concept with a Dependenat Display and Samsung Electronics is in front of these linups. So Apple decides to get the Foldable Display from Samsung and launch its first Foldable Phone in the market.

According to Times Now, the partnership between Samsung and Apple was struck for developing the Foldable Display for him. However, it is not confirmed yet, whether Samsung is working on a Flip or Foldable display but possibly it looks like it will be foldable as Apple assumes to reshape a phone into an iPad or Mac.

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